About Me

For over thirteen years now, I have been a Yoga and Pilates practitioner. My Yoga mat has provided me with a consistently stable base during many challenging times in my life.

Yoga and Pilates have been the foundations of self awareness, self confidence for me and have provided me a grounded realisation of my place on earth as well as helping my husband and I create two beautiful children.  Being a teacher allows me to help other people in their steps towards building the foundations of their own practice. In turn, the energy that I get from teaching gives me vitality and the desire to continue learning and evolving myself.

I qualified as a Yoga teacher and a Pilates instructor (Mat/Reformer and Studio Pilates) through Tiaki Pilates and Yoga Wellington, NZ.  I have completed post -qualification training in pre-natal/post-natal Pilates (Elixr, Sydney) and Yoga for Kids and Families (Rainbow Kids Yoga). 


About You

Most of us forget how to listen to our bodies. Instead we inflict on our bodies what our minds think our bodies need. For many of us this includes punishing workouts, restrictive diets, frequent rehabilitation.  It is possible to learn to listen to the internal conversation between body and mind. Very often this comes from learning how to move freely, differently and without pain.

As a teacher my goal is to make you stronger but not in an external sense, like the creation of traditional gym hard body sense. You will learn to work from the inside and move in ways that you never believed possible.

The key to moving in this way is in tapping into breath and creating improved   biomechanical and anatomical movement patterns .

Come book a class and experience what it is like to connect to your senses, find your inner teacher and move comfortably in your own skin.  You will wonder why you didn't do so sooner.