Origins of The Core Factory

Posted by admin on July 19, 2013

Making life changes is never easy.  People will doubt your motivation and your integrity. You will receive a lot of knowing smiles and comments that 'you will be back' mark their words.  

Three years ago I started re-aligning my physical, spiritual and emotional life.

I decided to stop what I had been doing reasonably easily for twenty years to become a Pilates and yoga teacher.

What I had been doing was practising law most of the hours of the day while trying to squeeze in a life on the side.

It was not a great place to be. 

Bakasana आसन Crane Pose - Photograph Copyright Neelesh Kale Photography Sydney 2011 


My foundation for leaving the legal was starting a part time teacher training program. I studied at intensive workshop 3 days every month and assisted in classes taught by more experienced instructors for over a year. Then slowly and awkwardly I started teaching people who I had previously worked out alongside with me in class. People who were much stronger than me and more critical than complete strangers.

At that point I had a safety net - I could teach part time, work as a lawyer the rest of the time and be a mum to two kids and a wife to my husband and keep all of the plates that life chucked at me spinning in the air.

Then in a huge leap of faith I decided to make the final jump from law to full time teaching. I remember feeling like I had landed on the top of a mountain in a howling gale was standing there waiting to be blown off. It was not pleasant and it was not unpleasant.

The photos in this post of various arm balances were taken about that time. Looking at the photos now, I realise that there is a sort of fiery fear on my face. I could land flat on my face but at the moment the absolute focus required to leave the past behind and move towards an unknowable future made me feel intensely, undeniably alive.

In every class that I teach now I remember that fear less and less. The only way to become a better teacher is to continue teaching and learning at the same time.

I love doing both.

Welcome to the Core Factory!

Parsva Bakasana - Photograph Copyright Neelesh Kale 2011 


Ṭiṭṭibhāsana टिट्टिभासन Firefly Pose - Photograph copyright Neelesh Kale 2011